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  1. Original title: beauty is brutally attacked women pregnant women with cesarean section a fetus does not contain murder provoke controversy [global network comprehensive report accused] according to the British newspaper “independent” February 24 reported. Recently, Colorado, a denar & rsquo; Ryan women attacks as a result of the pregnant women, and will meet attack fetus in pregnant women resection, was found guilty of, but it faces charges do not include murder sparked public hot. it is reported that prosecutors said, denar & rsquo; Ryan disguised as pregnant women, in the online posted pregnant women advertising clothing, will entrap a pregnant woman home. The woman entered the Lane home, then encounter Ryan card throat attack and her unborn fetus is Ryan with two kitchen knife section out of the womb. Finally, the pregnant women survived, but the fetus died. according to the associated press, lane by the 6 accused guilty. But prosecutors not to murder charges denar & rsquo; Ryan, because there is no forensic evidence to prove that the fetus was killed outside the uterus. Dynel • Ron eventually died of an attempted murder, assault and other charges for the crime of illegal termination of pregnancy. It is reported that dynel • Ryan heard in the court of its 6 accused guilty verdict still unmoved. reported that this heinous crime caused people about whether the fetus has rights “hot. (internship compilation: Wang Yimin reviewer: Mou Yanchen )

  2. Original title: Anqing Yixiu District Forestry Bureau, former director of check choose the country involved in corruption and where newspaper Xinan evening news Anhui network reporter signed text, pictures and copyrights are the Xinan evening all arrested. Any media, websites or individuals without authorization shall not reprint, link, posted or copied in other ways:; has been authorized by the media, web site, when in use must indicate “source: Xinan evening news or Anhui network”, and offenders will be prosecuted according to law legal liability. Xinan evening news Anhui network (www.ahwang.cn) hearing Xinan evening news Anhui network reporter was informed on the 25th, Anqing Yixiu District People’s Procuratorate recently legally on suspicion of embezzlement of Yixiu District, Anqing City Forestry Bureau, former director of the check choose the country submitted to arrest, the Anqing Municipal People’s Procuratorate for examination and decision, has the selected search states to take coercive measures to arrest. it is understood, in January 2016, Anqing City Yixiu District People’s Procuratorate decided on suspicion of embezzlement check the Yixiu District, Anqing City Forestry Bureau, former director of the selected static and of country and Wang Wei Hong investigation. At present, the case is under further investigation. Xin’an Anhui evening news network reporter Jiang Liuqiao

  3. Original title: every holiday fat three catties Yueyang people get together and gym net Yueyang February 25 news (sub station reporter dew) “every festival, fat three catties, carefully look three kilos station.” After the Spring Festival, this piece and spread on the Internet, many people secretly determined to throw the meat into action. Yueyang City reporter visited several fitness sites found that after the holidays, due to overeating during the holidays, work and rest time is not the law, resulting in accumulation of fat, in the season of spring slim, city each big gym immediately set off a tidal wave of downsizing. after the Spring Festival fiery gym is customary Holiday eating without restraint, also sitting every day, not watching TV is playing mahjong, a few days down obviously feel a lot of fat, so the work quickly to exercise, to the movement to this fat left out. ” Yesterday evening, the Yueyang Maternal and Child Health-Care Hospital is moving a gym nearby in the public Miss Wu said his fitness project is run on the treadmill for 1 hours. According to the introduction of the gym staff Xiao Zheng eighth, just opened a lot of people come to fitness. According to the annual convention, the festival came to fitness card number to do gradually rise, postganglionic lavish meals to eat more hoarding too much fat, another reason is after the Spring Festival of the rise of temperature, most people want to lose weight after meet warm summer. equipment, close to full 7 o’clock last night, the reporter went to the sun bridge near the building materials market, a newly opened near the gym, running machine, spinning and other fitness area are already close to full, the rest of the service desk filled with customers waiting for admission. Regardless of men, women and children are in hard exercise, running, strength training and exercise class, each are riveting enough strength, and the sweat. According to waiters, the festival came to consult fitness project and do the cards in the new customers is also increasing, old members came to the number of fitness is also more. Most of the members are in the afternoon after work to the gym, at 17:30 every day is ~20 peak, and in accordance with the arrangement of coach store, yoga, belly dance courses were started at 6:20 in the afternoon. The reporter noted in the store, most female members will choose yoga, spinning and other forms of exercise, while the male members of love after running and training equipment. reminder assault lose weight can not afford to cut fat experienced trainer also pointed out that due to the festival to lose weight people are generally a bit anxious, so that it is easy to produce a lot of misunderstanding — people do not eat or drink in sustained strenuous exercise; blind fitness hours until exhaustion; repeated sauna is not timely replenishment of water… These practices are not scientific, not only difficult to obtain sustained good slimming effect, but also directly lead to dizziness, vomiting and other symptoms. eager to lose weight, some people will deliberately increase the amount of exercise, or still in accordance with the previous exercise intensity, both aerobic exercise, or exercise equipment, in a period of time without movement, if does not reduce the intensity of movement, is the most common response, after exercise muscles will be sore for, serious is also vulnerable to injuries, not worth the candle. key fitness in step by step engaged in private fitness coach for nine years the temporary proposal: because most of the people in peacetime training time is not much, if to choose after the Spring Festival for fitness, weight loss, must be gradual, pay attention to doing a good job preparation activities and to control the amount of exercise intensity and of good luck flow. For example, from work units near, may wish to go to work. You know, walking exercise, lack of exercise of the body, is the most simple exercise. Because walking foot will contact with friction extrusion, which is actually a massage. This way can promote the body’s blood circulation, dredge the meridians. At the same time, walking can promote the respiration of the lung ventilation increase, strengthen, increase lung function, can promote gastrointestinal motility, to enhance food digestion and nutrient absorption, enhance immunity. addition, climbing stairs is a good fitness method. Get out and go home or office, can use the stairs instead of the elevator. But also pay attention to climb the stairs. “Climb up, to the natural upright body, not Qiaotun, foot pedal, thigh high, natural breathing. Keep steady going down when the pace, the speed is not too fast, beware of caikong and slip. Exercise, one minute can climb four floors of speed, a second climbing level, each exercise 5 minutes, 2~3 times a day. on the way to work, you can be certain of manual labour, such as cleaning, sorting office desk and bookcase. experts recommend 6 week weight loss of 10 pounds, a reasonable during the festive season with three pounds of fat, the fat cover loose clothes are how to eliminate? “6 weeks, enough for ordinary people to possess a dare to wear a swimsuit in the summer in good shape.” Deputy director of the UCLA Center for human nutrition at the University of California, Herbalife College of nutrition and nutrition advisory committee members Susan Bowerman, to “plump” men and women of proposal, with six weeks to achieve adequate fitness effects. A and the target speed: weight loss method 6 week minus 10 pounds “really effective is a diet.” You may hear such a thousand words from his mouth was made. Yes, the diet allows you to quickly lose weight, the result is the loss of moisture, lack of nutrition, decreased resistance. “A week minus 1 pounds compared to more secure and feasible weight loss rate.” Dr Susan suggested that safe and effective weight loss rate is a week minus 1-2 pounds (a pound is about 0.9 pounds). 1 pounds of fat stores about 3800 calories, if you want to lose weight about 1 pounds in 1 weeks, every day more than 500 calories or less intake of combustion. 500 calories is very easy, 2 bottles of cola can be done, but the consumption of these heat will need to continuously swim for 1 hours. Most people can do better in the diet can reduce the intake of early or burn 750 or 1000 calories a day. This means that if you take actions from now on, to early July you can lose a 6-10 kg weight, enough to make a “plump” people at the time of the arrival of the summer to show a beach body. b measures: “less intake of” + “diligence exercise” “scientific method reducing weight is the \ less intake of \ and \ ‘diligence exercise \’s combination, any only a rapid weight loss method is not healthy.” Dr. Susan said that not only use one method of weight loss. first, rely on less intake of diet to lose weight “is not safe. Everyone to ensure that every day there are at least 1200 calories of heat to keep the body’s normal operation, if your menu in the heat has in this category of wandering, to reduce calorie intake is not only to meet the body’s nutritional needs, but also lead to physical condition is not good. Secondly, just try to “exercise” is not desirable, because the amount of exercise burns 500 calories required large, making it difficult to insist for a long time. in addition, “eating less and simple diet is not the same meaning. Dr Susan reminded, can pay attention to “lose weight during the uptake of nutrient dense foods,” in which heat is the least but most of the food with nutrition. Bear the brunt of the vegetables, followed by lipid protein content was the lowest of the food, such as fish and shellfish, poultry breast, egg white, nonfat dairy products, nutrition protein powder, then fruits and whole grains.

  4. Original title: “45″ Hunan Kaijian trunk highway 11800 km Rednet Changsha February 25 news (Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Xiao Yang Gui) 24, Hunan Province held working meeting of the highway. According to reports, 2015, Hunan highway construction, common trunk highway construction completed investment 209.2 billion yuan, completed mileage 1921.3 kilometers, new construction mileage 700.6 km, respectively, for the annual target of 101.8% and 102.4%, 179.8%. Built 5332 kilometers of rural roads, for 107% of the annual target. last year, the province invested 3 million yuan newly remodeled overload 172 stations, for the province’s 131 county-level administrative units configured overload detection vehicle. According to the investigation rate of third party overloading, the province’s highway site rate of vehicle overloading plunged from 6.05% in the first half of 2014 to 2015 at the end of 0.036%, far below the provincial government to determine the 1% control objectives. The meeting revealed that in 2016 Hunan will ensure that ordinary highway construction investment 21 billion 900 million yuan, the new renovation of ordinary highway 1000 km, 3000 km of new construction. Rural highway investment 6 billion 500 million yuan, upgrading and transformation of 10000 km, 7000 km of security engineering implementation. rural highway overload has also been included in the focus of this year’s work. At the same time, will improve the road network monitoring, the provincial, city and County full coverage establishment of overloading information platform, each county urban district at least on overload control stations to install a set of parking triage system, the provincial quota subsidy for each city, 10 million yuan special for platform construction and grants each county urban district 50 million yuan to install does not stop the triage system, before the end of August, full completion of construction tasks. according to the introduction, during the period of 45 Hunan to achieve by “highway,” to “highway Province,” the great leap forward, realize industry system of governance and governance capabilities of modern, middle of the overall strength of the highway leading. Specifically, ordinary highway construction investment 140 billion yuan, 11800 kilometers, built 10000 km. Rural highway investment 340 billion yuan, the implementation of the narrow road widening 5.2 million kilometers, merging system village patency engineering 413 kilometers; by the end of the “45″, the province’s main highway of ordinary good road rate reached more than 85%; ordinary highway roads hidden treatment rate reached 100%. The 46 seat implementation of dangerous bridge renovation project 1312 seat, disease tunnel reconstruction project, the proportion of first and second class bridge reached more than 90%, dangerous bridge (4, 5), disease tunnel (third and fourth) treatment rate reached to 100%. The implementation of safety protection project 16336 km, 1000 km of disaster prevention project.

  5. Original title: [news] Hunan provincial water conservancy work meeting will held Dai attended the 25 morning, Hunan Province water conservancy work of the forum will be held in Changsha. , vice governor of Hunan provincial government Dai Daojin attended the Forum on the work of the province’s water conservancy. Rednet Changsha February 25 news (time news reporter Li Hui) 25 days morning, Hunan Province water conservancy work of the forum will be held in Changsha, Hunan Provincial vice governor Dai attended the meeting. Province government deputy secretary general Cao Yinghua, provincial people’s Congress, the provincial CPPCC relevant departments responsible person, the person in charge of provincial and municipal people’s government, the governor in Vice City, municipalities, county (city, area) water (water) director, attended the meeting. , Party Secretary of Hunan Provincial Water Conservancy Department, director Zhanxiao an summary of the province “1025″ water conservancy work, analysis of the current development situation of the reform of the water conservancy, scientific planning of water conservancy in 45, the deployment of key task in 2016.

  6. Original title: Yueyang domestic industry “labor shortage” enterprise “grab people war net Yueyang station February 25 news (sub station reporter Houyong Intern He Jin) nanny missing people! Yuesao missing. Cleaning the lack of people! After the Spring Festival few field recruitment, many service industries have occupied recruitment will best position, recruitment notice” grab “. reporter found, with the gradually warming after the Spring Festival, domestic service, Yueyang City labor market ushered in the short “labor shortage”, especially in the domestic service industry, although salary has repeatedly raised, but the real sign of the does not have much. Some domestic companies to “grab people” have moves, even went straight to the communities, villages and towns, the recruitment will be open to the front of the residents of the home, to expect to hire more people. [situation] postganglionic domestic market supply and demand imbalance recruitment companies provided firewood “rob” “Festival after these back new year’s nanny should return, but many did not come.” As in Yueyang City, a large domestic service companies, seeing more and more business is booming, due to the lack of manpower, responsible for Chen Jiajia urgently sweating. on February 24, although from the Saturday large-scale comprehensive talent exchange will have three days, but Chen Jiajia is not idle, busy preparing for the day of the advertisement. “hands this year than in the past are nervous, although this year is also a lack of people, but the festival this year, the domestic market business than in previous years good, single appointment after much. Therefore, it is urgent to a large number of cleaning staff, part-time, nannies and Yuesao.” After the customer orders continued growth, the imbalance between supply and demand let Allison good domestic enterprises responsible person Chen Jiajia is really a headache. He told reporters that in order to recruit people, this year Hunan talent market held seven recruitment, their on-the-spot did not fall, and select the best booth, in the hope of attracting more attention. “It is very hard for housekeeping and childcare, wages are not ideal, often stay.” Center City: a Hongcai domestic relevant responsible person said, at present company nanny wages generally in 3500 to 4500 yuan, month sister-in-law wages 5000 yuan to 8000 yuan, even they provide social insurance, but still can’t keep. several other surveyed homemaking company responsible person also said, this year, the domestic market supply and demand is very uneven, Yuesao and nanny is in short supply relative to the demand, but job seekers who rarely, recruitment information made every day a, personnel or scarce. [cause] market demand surge lead to “club nanny little” “labor shortage” or early March will be eased Spring Festival after, whether it is domestic or other service industry why invariably will Naoqi labor shortage? How to make up for the gap? Yueyang City Family Service Industry Association staff analysis, after the Spring Festival of homemaking clerk to find, first of all because the housekeeping waiters majority is given priority to with the surrounding counties and cities population, once in the Spring Festival in this period of time, people are will to return home for the new year, and then we have a “club, a nanny less” situation. “this is a surface phenomenon, the deeper reason is that people’s living standards improved, expanding market demand and concentrated outbreak.” Labor Employment Service Bureau relevant responsible person said, with the increase of enterprise recruitment efforts, as well as domestic service personnel to the gang, in the situation of many small club nanny to 3 month will be eased. “The phenomenon of domestic service industry lack of people, will be carried out according to the laws of supply and demand of market regulation. Now, many service industries in the implementation of staff system, to stabilize the team, the staff is not so easy to loss, perhaps, through the system to keep people, keep people treatment and standardize the employment, the labor shortage phenomenon will be improved.” Family Service Industry Association staff said. in addition, for many years engaged in intermediary service small Cheng told reporters, the frequent replacement of the nanny is also a cause of tension between supply and demand. “Some employers have a bad habit of mind is not stop to replace the aunt, the problems encountered are not to communicate, but direct fired.” Small Cheng said, in the aunt’s dismissal at the same time, employers will require conduit company to provide a number of aunt for your own choice, in the critical perspective, both supply and demand matching counterpart is more difficult. [moves] recruitment booth moved to front of the residents of the home department of labor matchmaking bypass in order to recruit more people to help, make up for the shortage of labor, many domestic enterprises can be described as exert all over skill. “In order to find more nannies, we will recruit booth to move directly to the door of the communities, towns and townships, so that people with the skills and homes will be able to find a job.” Good Allison Chen Jiajia said the person in charge of domestic enterprises. Chen Jiajia said happily, through on-site recruitment, last week, more than 70 applicants and they signed a labor contract. To deal with personnel loss, they last year is aiming to cultivate a group of students, but also to absorb the many, these students learning 3 months, actual operation 3 months, after passing the examination to primary labor skills certificate posts, in specification and continue to develop fixed domestic teams. reporter from City family service industry association was informed that the Yueyang City currently has more than approximately 1350 family service agencies, industry practitioners are about 4 million people, at present thousands of people employment gap, lack of the scope of work involved in home care, housework, maternal and child care, cleaning green keeping multiple service categories. City Labor and Employment Service Bureau relevant responsible person said, help domestic enterprises recruitment, by the city people club department led “family service enterprises stationed in community interaction service action has been initiated, 40 companies were stationed in center city and Junshan District, Yunxi District etc. community, relying on the community public employment service platform, for residents to provide convenient housekeeping service at the same time, help domestic enterprises entered the group of apiration of to apply for a job, for businesses and job seekers matchmaking.

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    Original title: Fujian procuratorial organs according to law on the rail Chun Xu alleged bribery case filed a public prosecution justice network, Beijing, February 25, according to the official website of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate news, according to the Fujian Provincial People’s Procuratorate for the designation of jurisdiction, Fujian Province Economic and information Technology Commission, former deputy director of the rail Chun Xu (Deputy departmental level) alleged bribery case, after conclusion of the Fujian Province Sanming City People’s Procuratorate anti corruption and bribery investigation bureau, recently by the people’s Procuratorate of Sanming City in Fujian Province according to law to the Fujian Province Sanming City Intermediate People’s court prosecution. prosecutors in the prosecution phase, the law to inform the defendant Xu Tiejun legal rights, and questioning the defendant Xu Tiejun, listen to the views of counsel. Sanming City People’s Procuratorate indictment: the defendant rail Chun Xu the served as the CPC Fuzhou Mawei District standing committee, Minister of propaganda, the Fuzhou Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League, Luoyuan County People’s Government of the county magistrate, CPC Luoyuan county Party Secretary, Fuzhou Municipal CPC Committee, Fuzhou Municipal People’s government deputy mayor, deputy director of Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission of his position to facilitate, as trustees to reap benefits, receive other property illegally, if the amount involved is especially huge, according to law, shall be held criminally responsible for the crime of bribery.

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    Original title: older female why choose “left”? Guangdong Women: “naked marriage” the most reliable second day of the first lunar month, 27 year old Miss Fei circle of friends in the micro channel released a play according to, photos, her high jump, laughing at the camera, vibrant. However, a friend is in the following comments: “the beautiful pictures of what is the use? Not to marry.” “what time the marital status evaluation of a standard for women? I am unmarried, you laugh at me for?” Miss Fei wondered. data show that as early as in 2012 the number of Guangdong older “3S lady” on more than 200 million, Guangzhou, which has 60 million, 2014 Jiayuan released a survey report shows, Guangdong “leftover women” number in the country ranked second. With past due to the fast pace of life, work pressure leads to urban women “passively” single different, now more and more women take the initiative to choose to be the “3S lady”, they have a thousand choice “left” reasons, including enjoy high-quality single life, attention to male values Yan “and so on, the reporter interviewed a number of Guangzhou” leftover women “found. case 1 “husband in modern society is not just to be” Alice is a 27 year old girl in Guangzhou, the local school graduate, working in the media industry. Appearance, friends always praised her for her “cable, beautiful, is”, many suitors; work. She is desperately Niang “, there is a small achievement; life she makes friends widely, love sports. If around a lot, come look, Alice in the romance of the past, met some fit into the marriage, such as a house, a car, such as stable operation, high degree. active left, is my problem.” She said, have not met the love to marry. “probably because of occupation relationship, I hope that the other half is interested in a broad, open, and I can talk to. He is not very close very boring boring, life is boring, if at the boring people, you say more pain.” Alice said. “we are the people who are free, can choose to wear red or blue, or do not eat spicy spicy food. The ancient woman can’t read, work, not only to make a living, to find the same as men looking for work. We don’t need now. Husband is not just to be.” Marry against external pressure, the Alice way is too much, don’t listen to the opinions of others. “You hurry on, if not happy, nobody will help you in charge.” case 2 “married to lower the quality of life without the” Chaoshan girl Miss Chen, 30 years old, returnees, the in Guangzhou Tianhe a state-owned enterprise work. She is every colleagues mouth open luxury car, carrying a brand-name bags to work “rich girl”, it was “as long as love don’t pack” “freak”. “I used to have a boyfriend is met when I went on a business trip to Beijing, the ordinary white-collar workers, a monthly salary of five or six thousand, in Beijing is certainly can’t afford to buy a house can’t afford to buy a car, but he is modest, motivated, to me is fine.” Love after half a year, Miss Chen is ready to quit his job in Guangzhou, Beijing to live together with her boyfriend. “although some disparity in consumption habits, education background, but I think mutual tolerance is to solve these problems,” but Miss Chen’s actions not only the family was opposed and scare the boyfriend, “he said he has not the ability to take care of me, and then disappeared. I didn’t get a chance to say I don’t mind him to eat fast food, don’t mind the holidays without the gift.” later, Miss Chen generous “conditions” also scared through intimate knowledge of teachers, male IT. “in the past I think material conditions are not important, so every time without success.” Miss Chen said, now she is convinced that the parents say “match”, after all real life is not a drama, “I later understood at present to maintain a single, quality of life to be much better than ‘marry’, I obviously do not want the other half pulled down my quality of life.” of big data in Guangdong Women: “naked marriage” the most reliable according to Internet dating platform Jiayuan sent to reporters the year 2015 China marriage Outlook Survey Report “, the Guangdong Women think” naked marriage “(now had no car, no house, but has the ability to in 5 years built do good, married with the commitment) is the most reliable and acceptance of the highest, most do not agree with the marriage should be properly matched” argument. The report also showed that women in Guangzhou for the lowest income ideal partner to set standards, namely “love starting price reached 6701 yuan, while in 2015 the average monthly salary of 6911 yuan in Guangzhou city. in addition, this is a look at the face of the era”. The report shows that both men and women, age and appearance are valued mate conditions. experts: modern female marriage value view more diverse counselors, marriage and family expert Hu Shenzhi think, continue to enhance the independence, the emotional needs and pressure, others of marital success or failure of the experience factors interweave together, the modern women’s view of marriage and love have impact and shock. “we said in the past, a person must be married, ‘married marry Han Han, dressing for dinner”, but modern female independence in economy and spirit, creating a complex and pluralistic values of love and marriage, the independent choice of the ability and willingness to stronger. ” Hu Shenzhi said. “when a woman can be self-sufficient when she would consider the benefits of marriage and marriage benefits. If a woman earn their own money to buy a car, every day the dress to the United States and the United States, do not need to marry after home “Huanglian Po ‘, emotional also have very close male friends, so why get married?” Hu Shenzhi analysis, there are some women for birth, upbringing and other reasons, in an intimate relationship is not very confident, so choose the single; and other female spirit pursuit is relatively high, in the so-called “soul mate” is not found, more willing to choose to wait. Hu Shenzhi believes that as long as there is no violation of the law, concept of marriage no right or wrong, but modern women must pay for their choice. Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Wenjie editor:

  9. Original title: Liuyang old songs Chen Qingsheng self-management “concert” net Liuyang station February 25 news (sub station reporter Zhang Ling) yesterday, lotus Jie Dao Yang Jia Nong Xiao Village farmers musician Zhengping full eighty, old man a change please percussion group singing lively customs come, do yourself a “concert”. “Unforgettable memories” “heart of the sun” “Happy Garden” like this…… Every song he sang, is his own music and lyrics, full of positive energy. concert attracted in the vicinity of the people came to watch, we have said: this birthday the way strange, “Xiao Lao is at our doorstep star singer?”! eighty self-management singing the birthday party “today is my 80th birthday. Thank you for join in, I sing the first few songs created, everybody multi directions.” Yesterday morning, Yang Nong Cun south bridge, Xiao Zhengping greeted everyone. In his home floor has been full of people, villagers wearing slippers, holding the baby over to watch. this birthday concert “, is Xiao Zhengping to consult with his family to make decisions, countryside old birthday will generally choose like Flower Drum Opera Troupe, but Xiao Zhengping want more meaning in your birthday, he thought of the personal concert, thought of this more than 20 years from creation, rather than singing their own work! Because he is one of the veterans of the Huai River Red Song and dance troupe, the proposal has also been unanimously endorsed the leaves teammates. Players also plan ahead to his music dance. “although I am not a professional singer, but singing their own works, is on my own feelings and thoughts.” Xiao Zhengping therefore specially selected the first few think the most meaningful and is recently songs, especially the happiness park like garden “, is to express his love for his hometown, writing is South Stream bridge Wuchang happiness”. Live in south bridge being built. The neighbors are particularly curious, in the eyes of Xiao Zhengping, where he lived exactly is a what appearance? For what tune? “sing well!” A neighbour, listening to music, holding their own small grandchildren zhuanquan edge edge praise, said “Laoxiao the birthday party really is special, the Wuchang \ ‘happiness’ I think can be when we village song ah, ha ha!” commitment to enrich the cultural life of the masses Song Yang Jia Nong Cun Nan Liu Qiao Xing Fu Wu Chang, showing a new vitality and scenery, perhaps in the form of a village on their own songs and not joking. As a “grassroots farmers musician”, Xiao Zhengping has to find a goal: to make a contribution to my hometown cultural life of the masses. “if you look at the environment around us, the residents’ happiness, that I created the source from where.” Xiao Zhengping said that from 1992 began songwriting, the 20 years he has introduced a new song, ode to the motherland, singing live, and sing the song all the good. Some people say that a farmer to do what music? But like old with their own practical action to surrender answer, and round his biggest dream — at the age of 77 he held the first “personal Works Concert”, caused the social critical acclaim. in the eyes of Xiao Zhengping, because he is a farmer, is singing the passion of life. Now home into a lot of manpower and material resources, and additional infrastructure, improve the living environment, “happiness Wuchang leisure centre every night in a hundred people went to sing, dance, this change, all reflected in the works of his, a singing out, everyone resonance. “if you can, I want to borrow Xiao Lao’s songs, we sing the South Bridge happy happy life park.” Yang Jia Nong Li Jianglong village branch secretary, said Shaw lonely old items’ spirit is represented by the South Bridge, pride is flowing to the south of the bridge, now South Stream happiness bridge Wuchang already create a rural cultural livable, next residents think it sublimated into rural cultural tourism, “in the past we have a long history and culture shine, now we are like old so is the cultural brand of energy, sing home happy. This is not a dream.”

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