Reeds Creek School Graduation Speech

Good Evening. I am Katrina Botell
And I am Brittany Botell
We are here to announce the winners of the first Tommy Botell Academic Achievement awards. But first a little bit about our brother, Tommy. On July 29th 2009 he went to be with our Lord. Our lives were forever changed that day. We miss him more than anyone can imagine. He is always on our minds, in our hearts, and in everything we do.

He was an amazing kid. He was kind, he was funny, and he was so smart. He loved life. He used to say that his life could not get any better; it was perfect. We miss his outlook on life, his cheerful smile, and his laughter. No matter what he was doing he always did his was his cub scout motto and he lived it.

Tommy was in the top of his class. He loved learning and doing well at school. A couple months after he passed away we received his 3rd grade star testing results. He was advanced in all areas. He would have been so proud of himself. We were so very proud of him.

This academic achievement award was created in Honor of Tommy. Funds for this award come from the annual Tommy Botell basketball tournament that all of you, so graciously, put on every year in memory of our brother. We would like to thank all of you and would like to especially thank Mr. and Mrs. Hosler.

Tommy’s life had so much meaning. Events like the basketball tournament help to keep his meaningful life going. For this we will always be grateful to the Reeds Creek community. We are now able to take all the funds from the Tommy Botell basketball tournament and create fun ways to give back to Reeds Creek students, past and present.

A couple of weeks ago, with funds from the basketball tournament, my family was able to award a deserving Reeds Creek School graduate with a college scholarship. Class of 2011, please look for this award when you are a senior. You are all eligible for it. Just stay focused in high school. Get good grades, make plans for your future and live Tommy’s Motto; do your best. We hope to see an application from each one of you in 2015.

Now on to the first annual Tommy Botell academic achievement award. This award is based on academic performance. It is given to the two students with the highest GPA’s of the class of 2011.This award consists of their names being placed on a plaque which will be displayed at the school, a brand new HP laptop, and a 50 dollar American express card.

We are very proud to announce that the first Tommy Botell academic achievement award goes to…..Faith Winieki and Danielle Mincer.

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  1. Dad says:

    Katrina and Brittany you did a great job. I love you two so much and Tommy would have been proud. No I think he was very proud of both of you.
    Love Dad

  2. Dear Katrina and Brittany,
    I can’t express enough how so proud I am of you both. Tommy was always proud to have you as his sisters and I believe he’s keeping watch over you now.
    Much love to you both
    Grandma Barbara

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