I miss Tommy

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7 Responses to “I miss Tommy”

  1. Daddy says:

    I miss Tommy Too. :(

  2. I miss Tommy, as well:(

  3. Kris Sauve says:

    Gosh…I still think about you regularly Tommy. I suspect I always will. You have remained in my prayers.

  4. Daddy-Poo says:

    A start to another year with out you. I miss you and love you forever.

  5. botells says:

    Today you would be starting 6th grade. uhgg…
    I miss you so much. Life is just not fair.

  6. Lynette (Ms. Faulkner to you!) says:

    Happy Birthday, Tommy. I miss you, and hope you are at peace.

  7. jim burns says:

    I wanted to let you know that I was touched by your story and don’t know how I would get along should I be in your place. Look at the sun every morning and know your loved one warms your face with a gentle breeze, gently till your head hits the pillow when dusk arrives, only to recede slightly, resting, awaiting the next morn to return again, and again.


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