The Storm

“The Storm”
By Katrina Botell

The clouds are dark in the sky.
A flash of light darts across the gloom,
And hundreds of raindrops fly by.
Troubles fall like large hail stones,
Bringing pain and deep despair.
The weight of the world falls onto my shoulders,
As cold water rolls down my face and soaks my hair,
But I stay standing alone in this place,
For I can only stop and stare.
I can feel the thunder deep in my chest.
It rocks the ground beneath me
Making me stumble and taking my breath.
I listen to the whispering of the trees all around me
As they rock and sway,
But I don’t move or make a sound.
I will not run away.

This world seems so dark and cold.
I can see no light through the shadows.
There is no hope that I can behold,
But it can only get better,
Or at least that’s what I am told.
There is a light waiting to be seen one day,
It will come out and our troubles will fade away.

All of a sudden, I can see the Son shining through.
A feeling of warmth overwhelms me
As he reveals this world that he drew.
The rays shine down lighting up the Earth from above
And brilliant colors sail across the sky,
Creating a rainbow, a reflection of His unconditional love.
As birds begin singing, I watch them fly,
And I finally feel safe and sheltered
As I look up to the sky.

I look all around me and can only stare,
He had never left me through this terrible storm
But was standing, guarding there.
Then I realized this storm was created just for me,
As a way to teach me faith and patience
Until I found Him and now I can see,
His arms were always open and waiting,
To be finally wrapped around me.

3 Responses to “The Storm”

  1. Mommy says:

    You amaze me, my darling.

  2. Barbara Pritchard says:

    That is so beautiful!
    Love you, Grandma Barbara xx

  3. Rita Garcia says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for touching my heart in a special way!

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