♥♥ Merry Christmas Tommy ♥♥




5 Responses to “♥♥ Merry Christmas Tommy ♥♥”

  1. Daddy-Poo says:

    Tommy I just love to see you sing this Christmas Song. I love to see the smile on your face. Love you Daddy-Poo

  2. Barbara Pritchard says:

    Tommy, I feel so lucky I was able to spend one Christmas with you and your family. It was so much fun!! Love you, Grandma Barbara xx

  3. Daddy-Poo says:

    It’s getting closer to Christmas and I am thinking more and more about you. I wish I could spend another Christmas watching you have so much fun. I miss hugging you and hearing you. I miss you.
    I Love You

  4. Mommy says:

    I miss you.

  5. brittany botell says:

    miss you tommy siblings forever

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