I Miss Him Dearly

I saw a life slip away
on what was supposed to be a perfect day
On a mountain in the sky,
I saw my dear brother fly
away to the Heavens
He was only two years older than seven
I Miss Him oh so Dearly
We celebrate him yearly
On the day he died I cried all my tears
and all of my fears
came true
My life became oh so blue
for darkness came
now we will never be the same
I know that the devil and demons can’t tempt him anymore
for he is safe in the hands of the Lord.

by Brittany Botell

4 Responses to “I Miss Him Dearly”

  1. Daddy-Poo says:

    Wow that was beautiful Brittany.

  2. Jodine says:

    Very nice Brittany, you have a way with words.

  3. Barbara Pritchard says:

    Britt, that was such a warm, heartfelt poem. I felt honoured to be able to read it!!!!

  4. Klaudita Irais says:

    This was a beautiful and touching poem, Britt! You are very strong, smart, and such an amazing gorgeous girl! I know what it’s like to miss someone everyday of your life, I love you Britt!

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